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          Yancheng Dongjin Chemical Co., Ltd.

          Mainly engaged in production and sales

          Pesticides, pesticide intermediates, daily chemical products




          Yancheng Dongjin Chemical Co., Ltd.

          ■  Add: Room 110, Building 7, Jinhui Longhu, Fenghuang South Road (south of Fenghuang bridge), Longgang Town, Yancheng City, China(224011)
          ■  Contact: Manager Huang +86-18118688837 ■  Contact: Mr. Xu +86-13407516288
          ■  Tel: +86-515-89900121 ■  Fax: +86-515-89900233
          ■  E-mail: sales@ycdjchem.com ■  Website: www.cicaistanbul.org


          Yancheng Dongjin Chemical Co., Ltd.

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